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What is matched betting?

Matched betting is the process of placing a bet at an online bookmaker and then placing the opposite bet at an online betting exchange ( these are called a BACK and LAY bet), thus covering all outcomes of that event. By covering all outcomes of the sporting event we can make sure that we do not lose any money on the bet and whilst doing this we will earn a free bet from the bookmaker! This free bet can then be matched bet itself to leave us with a risk free profit each and every time. The process of matched betting is really easy and lets us earn a great second income, here at Oddssmasher we focus on easy step by step matched betting guides that will walk you through your first ever matched bet and profit. If you would like to place your first ever matched bet and make your first profit, or if you would just like to see exactly how it works then please read this guide.

There are literally dozens of online bookmakers to start making matched betting profits from some of which can be found on our free bets page. With a starting budget (bank) of around £100 you could easily and risk free stand to make over £100o in your first month of sign up offers! Contrary to popular beliefs the fun and free money does not stop there with matched betting. The sign up offers are very much profitable but what happens next is even more profitable. Existing customer offers, odds boosts and each way arbing mean that you can evolve your matched betting and carry on making money for many years. In actual fact you will find that it completely fee sable that you will be able to make in the region of £1000-£3000 every single month. If you do not believe me you can see for yourself how much i made in a pretty quiet month!

Thousands of people are already taking advantage of matched betting and making huge tax free returns month on month, can you afford to miss this opportunity? Have a look at what some of these giants have to say about matched betting!

Here is an article in the Guardian news paper about matched betting