Smarkets review, is Smarkets the best betting exchange?

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Smarkets review

When we learn the matched betting ropes we are taught to use Betfair as our betting exchange but is Smarkets a better exchange? This Smarkets review will highlight some of the features and positives from the Smarkets betting exchange and as a bonus all readers will be able to get a 0% commission deal with Smarkets until May 31st 2018 so keep reading to find out how!

The truth is Betfair is the biggest betting exchange available for matched bettors, sports traders and gamblers alike. It has multiple betting markets available for all different sporting events and this can be very useful for matched betting, especially for when it comes to laying some of the more obscure odds boosts. Unfortunately though this comes at a huge price! Betfair charge an eye watering 5% commission on your winning bets. To put this into perspective we will run an example of a typical hi5 horse racing matched bet through the stake calculator. In our example we will bet on horse A and the decimal odds for this horse are 3 with an exact lay odd of 3 also, our stake will be £300 to get close to the maximum free bet allowed.

As you can see from the screenshot a bet of this size at the odds in the example which are both typical of a hi5 horse bet will incur a £10.16 qualifying loss! It would not take many of these bets to rack up huge losses using Betfair.

This is where Smarkets has a huge advantage over Betfair. Smarkets charges a very low 2% commission on your bets instead of 5% so let’s run that through the calculator and see what sort of difference it makes.

So by using Smarkets instead of Betfair we will only pay £4.03 in commission which is a saving of £6.13! If you are serious about matched betting and want to be making £1000+ per month then you will be doing at least a couple of these types of bets per day, every day of the weeks along with odds boosts, 4 means more, 2up football bets and many other matched bets and sports trades. Over a month Smarkets will save you hundreds of pounds worth of commission which equates to hundreds of pounds extra profit in you pocket.

All in all Smarkets may not have as many markets to bet on but at the end of the day it has all the right ones that we need for matched betting and more. The discounted commission that you pay compared to Betfair is such a huge deal that I really do not believe there is any reason to use any other betting exchange than Smarkets for the vast majority of your matched betting or trading.

Here is how you can get 0% commission with Smarkets till May 31st 2018!

If you remember back to the beginning of this Smarkets review I said that readers of the Oddssmasher matched betting blog could receive a 0% commission deal with Smarkets betting exchange until May 31st 2018.

To get this headline rate you will need to sign up to Smarkets through this Smarkets link

Once you have done that you then need to sign up to Oddmonkey matched betting service through this Oddsmonkey link  

Oddsmonkey is a necessity for anyone serious about matched betting and you can read our Oddmonkey review before you decide if you want to sign up or not. You will not regret it!

Once you have signed up to Oddmonkey and Smarkets through the provided links you will then be able to link your accounts to receive the 0% commission deal! This means that on a bet such as in our earlier example you will have zero qualifying bet costs.

This deal is available to anyone who signs up through the links, matched bettors, traders or anyone else who wants to pay 0% commission on their Smarkets bets! As an added bonus to the Smarkets commission deal you will also get a £10 risk free bet to use for some extra profit.

I hope this Smarkets review has helped you decide to sign up to the best betting exchange available, you will not regret the decision and by using Smarkets you will make hundreds of pounds worth of extra profits.


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