3 reasons why you need Oddsmonkey, an Oddsmonkey review.

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 3 reasons you need Oddsmonkey to make huge profits from matched betting, an Oddsmonkey review .

Without a shadow of doubt matched betting is hugely profitable just by sticking with the free matched betting guides and tutorials on websites such as here at Oddssmasher. But what if you want to really hit the big time and make the £1000+ headline matched betting rates? To make these sort of figures when just starting out and learning the ropes is almost impossible without some help and guidance and this is where Oddsmonkey comes into play. Carry on reading this mini oddsmonkey review to see why you need to sign up.

Before we get into three reasons why you need an Oddsmonkey matched betting subscription let’s have a little look at what Oddsmonkey actually is!

What is Oddsmonkey?

When matched betting first started the creator of Oddsmonkey saw a gap in the market for some software that would help make the process a whole lot easier, this software was an odds matching program that would allow the user to find the best matches between the bookmakers odds and the betting exchange odds. This product was then sold to matched betting subscription services for their users to use. After some time Oddsmonkey decided to set up their own matched betting subscription service with the aim of being the number one place for all your matched betting needs. New software and tools were developed for the different matched betting techniques and a forum of helpful staff was set up to help with any queries, questions or problems. The result was indeed the best paid for subscription matched betting service available on the internet! Here are a few statistics about Oddmonkey of interest.

  • Since it’s launch 5 years ago Oddmonkey have helped over 40,000 people make a tax free income through matched betting.
  • The website is packed with over 100 step by step guides and videos to help you navigate through the different offers available.
  • Oddsmonkey are the original developers of the matched betting software used by over 70 other matched betting websites.

This post is just a brief explanation of what Oddmonkey is and does and three of the main reasons why you need Oddsmonkey if you want to make the big bucks. If you would like a more in-depth review of the different features available we have an Oddsmonkey review that does that.  Let’s get on with the three reasons to get an Oddssmonkey subscription.

Oddsmonkey matched betting guides

One of the most important things when starting out matched betting is having clear and easy step by step guides to follow as matched betting can be complex and obviously with money being involved risky if you don’t know what you are doing.

Oddsmonkey have invested thousands of hours into writing and also filming step by step matched betting guides that cover all of the bookmaker sign up bonuses that are actually worth matched betting! These alone equate to thousands of pounds of profit for you if you matched bet them. Each guide is specific to one particular bookmaker so that you know exactly how to extract the risk free profit without making any mistakes.

Along with guides for the sign up offers there are multiple matched betting guides for existing customer offers. These are the offers that you need to follow and do to carry on making a profit once you have finished all of the sign up offers!

The Oddsmonkey Odds matcher

The Odds Matcher is where it all began for Oddmonkey many years ago and this software is still hugely relevant and used in the matched betting sphere. Instead of having to spend hours trawling through all the odds on the various bookmakers and then finding the corresponding lay bet at the betting exchange, the Odds Matcher does this for you.

It scans all the odds from the bookmakers and betting exchange and then shows you the best matches and odds allowing you to quickly and efficiently place your matched bets and move onto the next offer. This really is a god send when starting out matched betting as otherwise finding close odds matches is very time consuming and stressful.

The Oddsmonkey matched betting tools

The host of matched betting tools on the Oddsmonkey website are second to none. There are several different calculators that you will need on your matched betting journey to take part in different bookmaker offers without these you will really struggle to take part in the more profitable ones such as each way extra place races or dutching football matches or even full horse racing fields!

Along with the Oddsmatcher there are several other matchers such as the each way extra place Matcher, the Dutch Matcher and the racing Matcher which are all excellent tools that take out all the hard time consuming work from matched betting.

When you really want to start seeing the big matched betting profits there is a variety of football accumulator tools available that will find profitable accumulators for you. All you will need to do is select the matches at the the bookmakers that the tool shows you!

In conclusion

I really hope this short Oddsmonkey review has shown you the potential that you could reach if you subscribe to the Oddsmonkey matched betting service. I myself would never have got as far as I have with my matched betting if it was not for Oddsmonkey and I still heavily use there services to this day. Being a subscription service means that there is either a monthly cost of £17.99 or if you pay for the full year upfront it will only cost you £150. This may seem expensive but when you weigh up that fact that just by following the initial guides you will have made ten-fold the yearly cost it then seems quite reasonable. Moving onto the existing customer offer guides and tools will see you maintaining £1000+ per month with quite minimal effort, without Oddsmonkey this would be highly unlikely!

I highly recommend Oddmonkey to anyone who is thinking about starting matched betting or has already started and wants to start making bigger profits each month, you can cancel your subscription at any time but I honestly believe you will not want to, give it a try today by following any of the links or banners on this Oddsmonkey review.



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