Oddsmonkey review, can it really make you more matched betting profit?

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Before i start this Oddsmonkey review i just want to make it clear that this is an honest review based upon my personal experiences of using the website.

Oddsmonkey review

Why would I need to pay for a subscription service like Oddsmonkey  for my matched betting? This was a question I asked myself after doing my first few matched bets, I was on a roll and the risk free profits were starting to pile up. It was not until around one month into my journey that I started to ponder on my future in matched betting as the sign up offers were starting to dry up and I found myself searching for scraps on the internet to get a free bet and some profit!

It was at that point that I read up on Oddsmonkey, it was still another two weeks before i took the lunge and signed up. Oddsmonkey is a subscription service that costs £15 per month or £150 if you want to pay for the whole year upfront and make a small saving on the monthly price. At first my thoughts was that by paying this I would be just paying out my profits and worried it would not help me in any way, I was very wrong! Upon signing up and getting used to the website there is a host of different matched betting tools to implement into your routine to maximise your profits. You see once the sign up offers are finished you need to move onto very complicated reload offers ect. The chances are that without the expertise of the Oddsmonkey subscription service you might not even find out about the majority of these offers or how to utilise them to your advantage.

One of the best features on the Oddsmonkey website is the daily offers calendar, here you will find a list full of daily offers to get your profits from, In actual fact the daily offers calculator usually has more than enough offers to cover the costs of your Oddsmonkey subscription in one day! Here is a screengrab of the calendar.

This is a picture of the Oddsmonkey daily offers calendar

As you can see it would not even fit on the screenshot and i would need to do 3 or 4 to get all the offers in view! It really is a god send in helping you to make monthly profits of £400-£2000 once the sign up offers are complete.

Along with the daily offers calendar there are many advanced calculator that you will need to continue matched betting sucessfully. I will list a few of the various calculators here for you,

  • EV calculator
  • EW extra place calculator
  • Risk free equal profit calculator
  • Trigger bet calculator
  • Dutching calculator

That is quite a few calculators and there are several more to choose from, each needed to take advantage of different offers that you will come across whilst matched betting after sign up offers.

Along with the numerous calculators and daily offers calender there are lots of different accumulator (acca) tools at your disposal, this is where the serious money is made when matched betting, these include

  • Acca finder
  • Acca builder- no lay
  • Acca builder- lay at start
  • Acca builder- lay sequential
  • Acca builder- lock in profit

Again all these calculators are used for a variety of different techniques to make money out of football refund accumulator offers. Without the use of them you will not be able to matched bet these offers and that is one hell of a profit making avenue closed off. Accumulator offers so far have made up around 80% of my matched betting profits recently and without these tools on Oddsmonkey I would not be able to do them.

Another neat feature on the Oddsmonkey website is the Oddsmatcher which is a really cool bit of kit that has live feeds from all the online bookmakers and betting exchanges. What this means is that instead of having to trawl between all the different matches and races on the bookies and exchanges you can instantly find the best matches for your matched bets, this saves absolutely stacks of time and makes your bets much more efficient due to geting more exact matches which equals more profits, take a look for yourself.

When you join Oddsmonkey you will get to use this oddsmatcher for your matched betting.

If all that was not enough there is an amazing forum where you can get help to understand all the different offers and learn new techniques to help grow your profits to a new level. There are people who will help if you ever make a mistake with one of your matched bets which would be very costly if you could not work out how to rectify it.

In conclusion.

I hope this Oddsmonkey review has helped you make a decision on joining. It was one of the best choices I made and has really helped me hone my skills at matched betting and my profits just keep rising every month as I learn more and more new techniques. My advice would be to sign up for a month and see how you get on, remember that you can cancel your subscription at any time although i do not think you will.

Do not just take my word for it though check out Adam’s Oddsmonkey review on his Catbets  matched betting website, he goes into great detail about the many different features available through Oddsmonkey. Adam does matched betting as a full time job so you know that if he recommends it then it will be a good product!

Here is a link to the Oddsmonkey website for you to check it out for yourself!

Oddsmonkey Matched betting service



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