There is a new matched betting blog on the block!

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New matched betting blog!

Hello matched bettors of the world, i just thought i would bring to light a new matched betting blog that i recently stumbled across. Matched betting Zest is literally just over one month old but is already filling up with some great guides, hints and tips that will help your matched betting journey to progress to a new level. The owner of the blog seems to have some good experience of matched betting and i am really looking forward to seeing more content from them! One of my favourite articles so far is about  advanced accumulators/advantage play which is an avenue that still have not fully explored yet and have only dipped my toe in so far…. Another article to note is a guide on sharbing which is the skill of taking arbs in the bookmakers shops, this is something all matched bettors need to learn because when the gubbings start building up we need another way to keep the profits rolling in. Keep up the good work my friend!

Oddsmasher new matched betting guides!

You heard it right! oddsmasher is going to pull his finger out in the coming days and weeks and really stuff this website with more advanced and beginner guides for matched betting techniques, trust me you are not going to want to miss these. Make sure if your new here to subscribe by email so that you get notifications of when i release these new guides and free bets, the subscriber list is growing well and hopefully we are all learning new things.

Speaking of free bets, the free bet section of the website is now brimming with some of the best bookmaker sign up offers available. It was however brought to my attention that Betsson are not offering UK residents a sign up offer any more so if your from the UK perhaps give that one a miss, there are plenty more to take advantage of.

Anyway happy matched betting and get ready for some new guides!



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