Matched betting without free bets, exploiting odds boosts

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Matched betting without free bets using odds boosts.

There can be no doubt that matched betting is one of the most profitable and lucrative side incomes available. However at some point everyone who takes part will be gubbed by the bookmakers, it’s just the nature of the beast. So with that being the case we have to adapt and find new ways to profit, keep reading this guide because I am going to show you one way to matched bet without free bets!

Every single online bookmaker offers boosts to customers to entice them to gamble on a certain outcome and they sometimes increase the odds so much that they become valuable. What we are talking about here is essentially arb bets except this time the bookmaker has intentionally created it for you to bet on instead of the usual lapse of trader concentration type arb. Because of this it means it is a good money maker for matched bettors if their account is gubbed or not.

How to matched bet odds boosts

When matched betting odds boosts you have the choice of 4 options of approach when it comes to laying the bet, I will list them below and then show an example of all scenarios in action.

  1. No lay- if the odds boost is higher than the exchange odds then this is classed as a value bet and as such will be expected value plus (EV+).  This  means that over the long run you would expect to be in profit over a certain number of bets. I would not recommend this approach unless you have an appetite for risk and first get an understanding of EV+ and EV-.
  2. Instantly lay the bet at the odds on the betting exchange, make sure that it is an arb and take the small profit no matter what the result.
  3. Underlay the arb so that if the bet wins you will win a larger amount of profit and if the bet loses it will cost you nothing.
  4. Wait until the closer to the start of the event and lay the bet then in hope that the odds have closed in more ( warning, lay odds can go both ways!).

Now we know the different ways to use odds boosts for matched betting, lets now take a look at a real example and run through different scenarios of our matched bet.

Matched betting without free bets example

Below is a random odds boost that i myself am using tonight on a champions league match. The boost is on the total number of goals to be scored between all 8 games this evening, lets have a look!

this is what a matched betting odds boost looks like



As you can see this bookmaker is offering odds of 3.75 if there are over 27 goals scored between all 8 matches. What this means is that there needs to be 28 scored to win it as it is over 27. Now lets take a look at the lay odds of this bet,

this is a picture of a matched betting odds boost



So we can see that at the betting exchange the opposite lay bet in the pink box is odds 3.16 which means that the bookmakers odds boost represents good value and we can extract a profit from it! Let us now run it through the Oddsmonkey calculator and see what profits we can make.

We know how much we would make going the no lay route but we also know how much we would be set to lose! so lets skip to the layed parts instead.

I decided to hit this matched bet profit boost with a stake of £50 as i did not want to tie too much money up in my betting exchange as i only use these boosts for a side income.

A picture of the calculation for the odds boost matched bet












As you can see, if we do a standard lay at the current odds on the betting exchange we can make a profit of £7.27 no mater what the result of the bet is so this is a guaranteed no risk profit! Also if we decided to underlay the bet we could take a risk free matched bet for a profit of £23.82 but if the bet at the bookmaker loses we will make no profit on the bet.

I personally do a mixture of both standard laying and underlaying depending on what the boosted odds is for. If i feel confident about the outcome i will underlay and if i do not feel confident i will take the guaranteed profit. On this matched bet in the example i took the profit of £7.27 because i could not see 28 goals or more being scored! It may seem a small amount but when you do 1 or 2 per day they soon add up to hundreds per month.

I hope this matched betting without free bets, exploiting odds boosts guide has helped you and please leave a comment about your thoughts. Have a look in the matched betting blog to see how i use these offers daily to make up my profits along with other matched betting offers.

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