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Matched betting profit diary.

On this page you will find all of the profit diary’s that Oddssmasher has posted onto the Oddssmasher matched betting blog. These can be useful for finding new and profitable offers and also help you plan and build your own matched betting schedule. I will be totally honest and say now that you more than likely will not find a new one each and every month but I will try to post one when I find the time.

If you would like any help or guidance on how to turn a profit from the offers covered in the matched betting profit diary then take a look at our step by step matched betting guides as the vast majority of them will be covered.

Hopefully by following these diary entries you too could be making £1000+ per month tax free in matched betting profits!

A typical day matched betting profit

A weekends matched betting profits 

Black Friday matched betting profit diary 

A week of matched betting profits 

December matched betting profit diary 

Aintree festival/ Grand National day 1