Is matched betting still profitable in 2018?

Is matched betting still going to be profitable in 2018
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Is matched betting still profitable in 2018?

Before we get get started with this matched betting blog post I just though I would leave a link to our new 2018 complete matched betting guide just invade anyone new to matched betting stumbles upon this post. You will find that this guide is perfect for getting you on track with matched betting!

There has been a lot of talk recently and the general feeling of many is that matched betting is in decline. Bookmakers are tightening up on offers and reducing free bet amounts, whilst this is true we here at Oddssmasher matched betting blog do not believe that it is the end of matched betting! What i do think is that bookmakers are evolving and we as matched bettors and bonus abusers must evolve too so that we can keep pulling in the profits.

We still have the core matched betting offers available which keeps the money rolling in such as Bet365 with its 2up football offer and William Hill with Hi5 horse racing and 4mm football (albeit reduced in value since last season!) . Also there is a hell of a lot of different price boosts available each day and this is where i make most of my money. A growing trend that i have been seeing is a huge increase in #yourodds offers and other generally useless junk that we cannot lay our bet against so offers us no real value. This trend is slightly worrying especially if more of the bookmakers tag along with it but as long as we keep the core offers i cannot see any reason why matched betting should come to an end.

As for what i was saying earlier about matched betting evolving it is my belief that we are going to have to work harder and explore new avenues and offers, also some of the more advanced techniques such as each way arbing and low/medium risk casino offers need to be used as well because thats were the good money is. As it happens i will be writing guides for some of the more advanced matched betting techniques in the coming weeks so make sure you subscribe to this blog by email to get notifications of them when they are up and ready!

For anyone who is new to matched betting or has not begun their journey yet there is still plenty of offers to take advantage of so dont worry about stories of less offers and the doom and gloom of matched betting coming to an end. Now may not of be as good as the good old days but free money is still better than no free money! If you would like some matched betting ideas for profits in 2018 have a look at what we have here in the guides section and if you are brand new to matched betting i suggest having a look at our beginners matched betting guide that will take you step by step through your first matched bet, you can find it by clicking here.

Whatever matched betting and bookmakers throw at us in 2018  i hope you have a very profitable year and look forward to reading any comments and questions you may have.



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