Matched betting William hills Hi5 horse racing offer guide.

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How to matched bet Hi5 horse racing offers.

If you are a follower of the matched betting blog here on Oddssmasher you will have noticed that one of my biggest matched betting earners is William Hills Hi5 horse racing offer. The aim of this matched bet is to back and lay a horse as with the odds as close as possible, if we do this successfully and the horse wins the race by 5 lengths we will receive a free bet equal to 15% of the bets winnings. Now that may sound a tall order but believe it or not it does come in fairly frequently, meaning that this offer is a real profit maker!

The first thing we need to do to take part in this offer is find which of the days horse racing events is a Hi5 meeting, this can be done by checking William Hills horse racing section, where you will see a text image like the one below.

william hills hi5 matched betting offer


As you can see, on the day that i write this Hi5 guide the meetings that are available are at Cheltenham and Doncaster. It is also worth noting that races with less than 6 horses are not eligible for this free bet offer.

We now need to look through the races and find one that has a clear favourite and has between 6-10 horses running, i have found this technique much more likely to win a free bet.

a race card for a hi5 matched betting horse race







This race looks absolutely ideal. the favourite is quite low odds and there is the minimum amount of runners of 6! All we now have to do is keep an eye on the horse Markov at both William hill and Betfair exchange\Smarkets exchange and wait for the odds to match up. Ideally with Markovs odds at 2.75 we want the exchange odds to be roughly the same so in the region of 2.6-2.75 this will mean that we keep our qualifying losses to a minimum.

Lets now pretend we have backed and layed this horse at odds of 2.75 at both William Hill and Smarkets and see what happens next.






You can use any stake you want for this offer but in this example i have decided to use a stake of £200 on this matched bet. As you can see from the results of using Oddsmonkeys calculator with a £200 stake we will lose £2.57 whatever happens during this race at the odds of 2.75, also worth noting is the liabillity of £352 as this also represents the amount of winnings that our free bet will be decided upon if the horse wins by 5 lenths!

Using the William Hill bet boost to matched bet Hi5

Every day on William Hill you will receive a bet boost token on the mobile version of the website.With this you can use it to your advantage for matched betting the Hi5 offer, we can create an arb with the bet boost to mean that the qualifying loss will actually turn into a qualifying profit. Keep an eye out for your bet boost token once daily and select the race you feel has the best chance or succeeding. I find that by looking at all the eligible races at the start of the day and focussing on that one with my boost means i usually win this free bet offer once a day making very good profits.

The results of our Hi5 matched bet.

Lets now have a look at the potential outcomes of the Hi5 race that we entered by backing and laying the horse Makov earlier in the guide!

  • Makov did not win the race – In this instance we will gain nothing from this matched bet, however we will have had a £2.56 qualifying loss
  • Makov wins the race – Again as the horse only just won the race we only have a qualifying loss.
  • Makov wins the race by 5 at least 5 lengths – Congratulations you just won a Hi5 matched betting race! You will have still of got a qualifying loss of £2.57 but along with that you will have a free bet. This free bet will be equal to 15% of the winnings at William Hill. In this example it would be our stake (£200) times by our odds (2.75) minus our stake (£200) 200 x 2.75 = 550 – 200 = 350, so our winnings were £350 and we need to work out 15% of that which is £52.50 This means that we will now recieve a free bet oif £52,50 for this matched bet!

The maximum free bet available is £100 but i would suggest trying to keep within £30-£70 free bets as this will help to keep your account from being gubbed by William Hill. Believe me this betting account is the most profitable one for matched betting so keeping it for as long as possible and healthy is in your best interests.

In conclusion

I hope this matched betting guide has helped you get an understanding of how to matched bet one of the moist profitable offers that are available today. If you have have found it helpful in anyway please have a think about signing up to Oddssmasher by email as then you will receive notifications to all new matched betting guides and also limited time free bets! Also there are plenty more matched betting guides and free bets to take advantage of by clicking on these links

Happy matched betting!

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