Matched betting reload offers, how to get free bets and profits.

Which way to go after the matched bettiong sign up offers
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Matched betting reload offers, how to profit after the sign ups.

Once you have completed the matched betting sign up offers you may feel like your matched betting journey has come to an abrupt end, in reality you just need to explore new avenues to find new free bet offers. The bookmaker sign up offers are easy, profitable and well very profitable but in reality the matched betting reload offers can bring you even bigger profits although working out which free bet offers to chase is the hard part.

In this guide we will look at some of the best free bet offers that are available to existing customers and you should find that you can make some incredible monthly profits by using them in your matched betting. I would advise trying out as many of them as you can and then sticking to the ones that you enjoy the most and feel comfortable doing, so of the offers are more difficult than others but this does bring better profits.

Remember that on our best online free bet offers page there are some of the more obscure bookmakers that you may not have taken advantage of by matched betting their sign up offers yet, so that may be worth a check before moving onto existing customer offers.

The best Matched betting reload offers

William Hill

By far the best online bookmaker for your matched betting reload offers is William Hill and an account with them is absolute gold. They have offers on both football and horse racing that you can utilise to make up to £1000 per month with depending on stake size and how many of the offers you get on. Here are the main offers that are worth matched betting,

  • 4 means more- This is a football offer that is available on any televised Premier League football game. The aim is to place a matched bet on a football team with as close odds as possible and then if your bet goes onto win and there are four or more goals in the match you win a free bet extra. The free bet will be worth 15% of your winnings up to the value off £100! It does happen quite a lot so you can imagine how profitable this free bet offer can be.
  • Hi5- This offer is based on horse racing and is kind of the same principle as the 4 means more offer.  You need to back and lay a horse in a selected race of which there is generally one meeting per day with 6 races, then if your horse goes on to win the race by five or more lengths you will get a free bet of 15% of your winnings up to £100 in value. As far as i am aware 30-40% of races last year on the jumps courses were won by five or more lengths so this is yet another gold mine free bet offer. Stick to the horses that are favourite or second favourite and you cannot go wrong in the long run.
  • Price boosts- William Hill have various different price boosts daily on different sports. These price bo0sts can be instantly layed off on the betting exchange to make a guaranteed profit or can be underlayed for a risk free shot at big profits.

Paddy Power

Paddy power offer one very valuable offer that does not even involve a free bet, it also works on gubbed accounts which makes it even more valuable for matched betting! lets take a look at it.

  • 2 Up- This offer is available on many different football games and leagues but the main two are the Premier league and Spanish La Liga. The aim is to back and lay any team for as close a qualifying loss as possible and then keep an eye on the match stats. If at any time during the game your chosen team goes 2 goals up against the opposing team Paddy Power will pay your bet out as a winner. This then allows you to cash out your remaining lay bet value out as profit, or you can leave it and hope that the other team goes onto score a goal which will mean more profit on your lay bet. If you are really confident you can leave your lay bet in the hope that the other team goes on to draw or win in which case you will win your back and lay bet! This is one of the best online matched betting offers and can be coupled up with the Bet365 version of the same offer to make sure that you do not pick the wrong team.



Ladbrokes have some of the best football accumulator offers available for matched betting. The best way to do this is by doing no lay accumulators with are EV+ by using Oddsmonkeys tools.

  • Football accumulators- No lay or lay sequential accumulators to take advantage of free bets as an insurance.
  • Price boots- Instantly lay or underlay for no risk matcjed betting profits,
  • Price boost tokens- Boost any matched bet to get better matches or create arbs for no risk profits.

These are just a few of the more profitable matched betting free bet offers to get you on your way after the sign up offers. I will write more up in due time to help increase your matched betting profits.

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