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December matched betting profit Diary!

Ok, ok, I know i have been a lazy sod and not updated the blog or any of the guides for nearly a month now but i do have a good excuse, It was Christmas! To be honest December was a very busy month for me and i did not get as much time to matched bet as i normally would which was quite a worry as i really wanted to show you lot the amount of money you can make matched betting in a month. Luckily though due to be being short of time it meant that i had to be more selective over the matched betting that i did and this lead me to make a decent monthly matched betting profit. Anyway enough of the talking and lets have a look at Decembers matched betting profit.

December matched betting profit figures


So in the month of December i managed to make £1205 which i do not think is too shabby considering there was Christmas and new year to contend with. I was quite lucky because a few things went my way during my matched betting such as some best odds guaranteed on a couple of horses and some very lucky wins of some of the free spin offers i received. Now i have a confession to make, I am a newbie at recording my matched betting and because of this i have not recorded all the bets correctly so i cannot tell you exactly where every pound of profit came from without going through all the 100+ bets! I can tell you though that roughly 50% of these profits cam from William Hills Hi5 horse racing offer and the associated best odds guarantee, 30% came from taking a guaranteed profit and some underlays on odds boosts and the remaining profit came from risk free spins on casino offers.

Matched betting profits graph


The graph above shows the gradual increase in profit throughout the month, the gradual slope is because of the amount of daily odds boosts that i was taking which were bringing in a continues profit. I still stick to my words that odds boosts are one of the best offers in a matched bettors arsenal and i recommend you get on as many of them as you can, if you need a read up on how to take advantage of odds boosts have a read of this guide.

Matched betting in 2018

Moving forward into 2018 I plan to really step up my matched betting a notch or two. I will be carrying on abusing odds boost and also hitting the horse racing offers but i think now is the time that i dip my toe into the world of matched betting the football 2up offer, the money is there but i have not tried very hard at it yet. Hopefully this year the bookies will give us matched bettors so,e really juicy offers to go at especially with the world cup coming up!

I still have a few of the bookmaker sign up offers to complete which i am going to get round to very soon, these are great easy profits and should not be overlooked. If you need some ideas for some new free bet sign up offers check out the free bets section of Oddssmasher as we have some of the less known ones that you may have missed, you can find them by clicking here

I know i have been a bit lazy at posting to the blog but its a new year and a new start and i plan to really boost this matched betting blog with as many money making matched betting guides and blog posts as possible so i would really appreciate if you would subscribe by email using the little box in the sidebar. You will never receive and spam but i will send out notifications of new guides, blog posts and free bets as they come available!

Happy new year everyone and let 2018 be a profitable matched betting year!











  1. Good end to 2017 oddssmasher, I’ll be following your progress in to 2018. Plenty of profits to be had with the Cheltenham festival and the football World Cup on the horizon!
    Just a couple of questions, which casino free spins offers have you been hitting?
    And on William Hill High5 are you just backing and laying then hoping for descent favourites in a few races each day?

    • Hi MBZest and thanks for the comment!
      As for casino offers I have mainly doing bgo and power spins risk free spins for depositing and also coral and ladbrokes bet £5 for a free spin for every goal, these have been very profitable. Best of luck in 2018 👍

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