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How much money have i made matched betting this week?

Wow what a week it has been since i started using Oddsmonkeys profit tracker! If you read last weeks matched betting blog profit diary you will know that i was going to be giving Oddsmonkeys profit tracking software to finally after a year of matched betting track all my bets and profits. Doing this has been a real eye opener for me and has made me more focused on getting all the profits i can, no matter how big or small, if you are not already a member of Oddsmonkey i would definitely give it a try for their software.  I think the biggest change that i have noticed in the last week that is even just the £1-5 profits from each odds boost soon adds up to a good profit especially over a week and then a month, in actual fact i think i may actually be on my way to my best matched betting month since i was doing the Betfair each way edge!

So lets get on with it and show the profits!

This is how much money i made matched betting in the first week of december





So in the first week of December i earned £225 and a few pence profit, that is literally in 7 days, all of this only took a few hours as well. Now lets take a look at how many bets ect i made during this 7 day period to make these profits and keep reading as i will break down the profits into the offers that they came from so that you can follow it to!

these are how m,any matched bets i made in december




The total number of matched bets that i made in this first week of december was 32 over 4 different types of sports for a total of £225. This may seem quite a lot but many of them were small bets which can be placed in minutes once that you have found the offer and then forgot about until later. Making big profits matched betting is all about getting on as many of the free bet offers that you can but remember to check if the offer is worthwhile doing in the first place.

What matched betting offers did i do?

I think it is a good idea for me to do a profit breakdown here so that you can see what offers im doing my matched betting on, this way it may give you new ideas to help you grow your own profits. Matched betting is all about learning and sharing is the key to growing your matched betting bank! so here is a breakdown of my profits.

Horse racing offers–  I only bet on William Hills hi5 offer this week as far as horse racing is concerned, for my troubles i made £94 profit. please not that this would be drastically more if i was going for the maximum free bet refund however i have always thought it to be safer for account health to stick to regular refunds of between £20-40

Reload bonus offers- These are the offers that you receive to your email account and are usually bet x and get x offers, easy money makers when they come around and for this i made a total of £29.

No lay accumulators- I have really cut back on no lay accumulators recently due to there being a lot of surprise results that have sunk my accas, still i have put a couple on which netted me a total profit after refunds of £18

Odds boosts- This is literally on of my favourite matched betting techniques now, backing and laying the various daily odds boosts that are on all the main bookmaker websites. This week i made £45 from these odds boosts which are completely risk free!

Free spin offers- These are the free spins that you usually receive notification about by email, usually you will get between 5-10 risk free free spins per go. I made a total profit of £13 from the spins.

No lay value bets– Now this is a more advance technique that requires ultimate trust in the long term value of expected value (EV). Over time by taking value bets we should be in profit, and this week i was by bringing in an extra £26 profit.

If there are any matched betting offers here that i have mentioned that you want to try but do not know how to complete, then have a look at the guides in our tutorials section which will show you how to matched bet them all

In conclusion

I hope this matched betting profit diary has helped in some way and maybe given you some new avenues to explore. I have really found that by tracking my betting i am a lot more focused now and this is really showing in my profits, i cannot wait to see how much profit i make matched betting by the end of the month.

As always please have a think about signing up to this matched betting blog by email, you will n0t receive any spam or crap but you will receive notifications of new guides, profit diary’s and also limited time free bet offers to profit from.

I look forward to answering any questions and comments you may have, happy matched betting all!


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