Matched betting blog, the weekends profit diary.

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Matched betting blog, the weekends profits diary!

This weekend (Nov 18\19) i didn’t really get chance to do much matched betting but that doesn’t mean that there was no risk free profits made! You see matched betting is all about selecting the offers that work for you, no matter how much spare time you have on your hands there will still be offers you can take part in. For me a quick browse in the email account came up trumps for me again,. Readers of Fridays diary will remember that Betvictor had graced me with a risk free type of offer, well my new favourite bookie Betvictor had thrown another risk free my way again.

This time I had to place a £20 bet on the Betvictor Gold cup race at Cheltenham and if it lost I would receive my money back as a free bet. Normally the right way to go about this sort of bet is to use the risk free equal profit calculator but i fancied doing a normal qualifying bet in the hope that it lost leaving me the full value of the free bet. I actually struck it lucky because when i was watching the odds i noticed a huge arb of 6\5.2, usually i would leave this well alone but because it was there for literally 5 minutes i decided to matched bet it. The horse went on to lose the race so i got my £20 free bet refund. Total from this matched betting offer was £2.69 from the arb and £15.65 recovered from the free bet!

The next offer i took part in was from Ladbrokes who were offering a free bet up to the value of £25 if your horse failed to win in the first televised Cheltenham race of that afternoon. I always find ladbrokes odds to be miles out of sync with the betting exchange so usually find i end up with a higher qualifying loss. Regardless, I still managed to bag another £17 from the free bet which i was more than happy with.

My only other offer on the Saturday was one of them William Hill flash odds that pop up around lunchtime now everyday, these are great offers as the odds provide a huge arb which I have found dependant on stake restrictions allows you to make between £5-£10 guaranteed or underlay for betwee £15-25 ish! on Saturday i decided to just take the guaranteed profit of £5.79 as it was quite a difficult looking race to judge.

On the Sunday i tried to get on some Paddy Power 2up action but it turned out ti be quite a fruitless venture with non of the teams i picked going 2 goals up. My only other profits for the Sunday were again from William Hill flash odds £6.20 and i underlayed a boosted horse whilst trying for a Hi5 race which brough me an extra £11.30 profit.

As you can see there was not much that i got involved in at the weekend but i still managed to turn a matched betting profit. The total profit for the weekend was £58.63 which considering the time spent is still pretty incredible!

If you fancy learning how to matched bet check out the beginners matched betting guide. You will learn everything you need to know to start making no risk matched betting profits of you own.

Let me know what profits you managed to get on the weekend and what offers it was from, i would love to know. Also have as think about subscribing to the matched betting blog by email as i will be sending out limited time free bet offers and brand new advanced guides in the very near future.

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