Oddssmasher matched betting blog update.

Is matched betting real or is it a scam?
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Some matched betting blog updates.

Here at Oddssmasher towers i have really been slacking on the matches betting blog front and I thoroughly apologise for that. I started off the new year with great intentions to make regular updates and profit diary’s for any readers to follow along to but to put it bluntly I have been really busy lately!

With some of my matches betting profits I have been renovating the house and even did a full refit on our onsuite shower room which I finally finished last weekend pheeewwww. Along with my full time job and family life it has all been a bit of a juggling act so the matched betting blog was put on the back burner with sparodic blog posts when I found the time.

Oddssmasher is back though now and raring to go. I have plenty of amazing new offers, guides and loopholes to share with you all and will slowly but surely be publishing these to the blog, from this point on we are going to step it up a notch and start pulling in the mega profits! Are you going to come along for the ride? 💰🤪💰

Welcome to the matched betting blog!

Even though there has not been much posts lately the subscriber base has been growing exponentially which is very encouraging to see.  Subscribe by email is totally free and you will be informed of any new and exciting guides that get posted to Oddssmasher.

For any new readers that have searched for matched betting in Google and found this website, welcome aboard! I highly recommend that you have a look at our complete 2018 matched betting guide that will set you on the right tracks to start making profits.

For any seasoned veterans of the matched betting blog get ready for some awesome content and for your matched betting profits to boost sky high!

Stay tuned…..


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