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Matched betting blog Grand National profits.

Well that’s it another Aintree festival and Grand National done and dusted for another year. This year at the matched betting blog we went hell for leather to suck up as much profit as possible! The total profit for the first day of the festival came in at £149 and although we tried our hardest on the second day only £84 profit was made, which still is not a shabby amount.

Today brought the climax of the festival though, day 3 and the main event The Grand National. Unfortunately I am completely gubbed by bet365 so I could not matched bet their £125 cash back offer which is the easiest money you will ever make matched betting. This meant that my only real way of making a considerable amount of money today was to go for each way extra places on the Grand National.

I spent the full day from 8.30am this morning checking Oddsmonkeys extra place matcher for decent matches and then backing and laying every single one I could get on. By the start of the race at 5.15pm I had managed to place a total of 41 bets on 32 of the horses with total stakes of £1010! It was incredibly stressful to be honest but totally worth it in the end.

I did not get chance to watch the race as I had to be somewhere so upon checking the results when I got back in it became apparent that I had managed to hit both extra places. This meant that by matched betting the Grand National I had made a total of £420 profit with the extra places and also a few faller insurances!

The grand total profit from the three day festival now stands at £653! 

What an incredible few days it has been and for the sake of a few extra grey hairs from the stress we have made around half a months matched betting profits in 3 days. I really hope you yourselves have done well at the Aintree festival and it would be great to here how you have got on in the comments section below.

If this is your first time reading about matched betting I would like to recommend that you read our complete matched betting guide to get a good grip on the concept. If it is your first time at Oddssmasher matched betting blog please think about subscribing by email to receive news on guides and blog posts.

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