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The matched betting blog profit diary.

Today i had a rare afternoon off the daily 9-5 so decided to see what matched betting offers i could get on this afternoon (17-11-2017). My goal was to get on as many simple and risk free matched betting opportunities as possible and to be honest it turned out pretty well thanks to some fantastic bookmaker free bet offers. This is a new feature to the matched betting blog where i will be posting profit diary’s.

What matched betting offers did i bet on?

I just want to start by saying that if this matched betting blog post proves popular i would like to carry on doing these kind of diary entries so people can get an idea of the offers and types of things to look out for, let me know down in the comments section if this is something you would like to see more off on this blog.

Well to start us off in the right direction i opened up up my email account and found a cheeky little offer from my buddies at Betvictor (bless you guys), who were offering me a free bet of £20 for staking £1 on any sporting event happening today! This is the sort of offer i love, nice and simple no risk matched betting right there.

here is a risk free matched betting offer










To take advantage of this offer i simply placed a £1 bet on a horse on the first Cheltenham race of the day for a qualifying loss of 5p after laying the bet. My £20 free bet was instantly credited which i also bet and layed for a total profit of £15.35 just like taking candy from a baby this matched betting lark!

Next up was an amazing offer by Coral who lets be honest have not been feeding us matched bettors risk free offers very much lately. So i was very surprised to see this on the promotions page and was not going to let this one get away.

The offer was a free bet of £25 if your horse failed to win in the first televised Cheltenham race of the afternoon , for this offer i had to use the Oddsmonkey risk free equal profit calculator..  The odds on the horses were not the best and finding a perfect match was nearly impossible, which i guess Coral did to stop us matched betting it and getting tons of profit! Still the offer was very worth of matched betting and for a couple of minutes work i had managed to net a tidy and not to shabby no risk profit of £16.40

here is a picture of another no risk matched betting offer that i found









A new little offer i noticed from William Hill today called Racing flash odds was my next matched bet. They put up the odd for a certain horse at 12pm for only 15 minutes! The horse i saw was Finians Oscar in the 14.25 Cheltenham race, it was a 4 horse race and this horse happened to be the favourite! The odds i got on the offer were 3 and the lay odds were 2.12 on Betfair. I was only allowed to put on a bet of £30 but that was still enough to make a decent return.

I had two options of approach in laying this bet, the first was a standard arb lay which would guarantee a profit of £11.30 or i could underlay the arb to have a risk free shot at a bigger profit. I decided that i would take the risk free shot at a bigger profit because as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! The horse ended up romping home to victory sealing me another £24.63 profit from this matched bet.

Next up i decided to cash in my William hill reward points, these are points that you recieve for every bet you place matched betting and you can transfer these into free bets. I had a total of 2024 points which equaled two £10 free bets to matched bet. From these i managed to scrap another £15.20 profit and an end to a quite profitable and easy afternoon.

Total matched betting profits for the day

Betvictor = £15.25

Coral =  £16.40

William Hill flash price= £24.63

William Hill rewards = £15.20

So for around an hours work this afternoon i managed to make a total of £71.48 profit which i would say is a pretty epic hourly rate. I will be honest not everyday happens like this especially for me, everything just seemed to fall into place and there was some decent offers to matched bet.

If you found this matched betting blog post whilst researching matched betting and want to get started on your own journey i would recommend having a look at our beginners matched betting guide which will give you the perfect head start

I hope this matched betting blog profit diary has helped out in showing you the sorts of offers that are available and worth looking out for. Like i said before if you want to see more blog posts like this let me know in the comments section.








  1. wonderfull stuff, this is perfect for beginners like myself..helps us to see what is a realistic expectation from this adventure….

  2. Oddsmasher, this is great stuff. You have already helped me over at Om, but now now about William Hill odds flash. So made money by reading this.
    How often does this get updated

    • Hi Craig,
      Glad it’s helped in some way. The flash odds are every single day between 12-12.15pm. Keep an eye open for the next profit diary, for the first time in a year in keeping proper matched betting records so I can show exactly where the money is being made 😜

  3. You really did have a lucky day for offers lol. decent thread tho m8, keep them coming as I’m learning from each one

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