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Matched betting blog Aintree festival profit diary.

So another huge horse racing festival has arrived, Aintree and the Grand national! Here at Oddssmasher matched betting blog we are all about these huge festivals where the bookmakers hand out great free bets for us to abuse. It was this time last year that I was a fresh faced recruit in the matched betting realm and had literally only been matched betting for a couple of months, this festival was my first taste of fast paced, high profit matched betting, to say it was rather overwhelming would be the understatement of the year.

Anyway this matched betting blog post is here to detail the various offers that I managed to profit from on the first day of the Aintree festival and hopefully I will get a new matched betting profit diary up for each of the days. So if you are new here make sure to subscribe by email to receive notifications of new posts.  If you are new to matched betting and have stumbled upon this post and want to know more then I thoroughly recommend reading the complete matched betting guide to help get you started !

Matched betting offers completed

It is not very often that Sunbets come up with a good offer but they have a stirling one for the first and second day of the festival. The offer is to stake £100 on the first race of the day on Thursday and Friday for a £50 free bet on both days. As usual their odds were shocking to say the least but a guaranteed profit non the less

Profit – £36

Next up we will move on to Corals less than generous offer. Usually they will offer money back in the form of a free bet up to £25 value however this year it was down to £10, still it’s all free money at the end of the day. In theory you should use an equal profit calculator for this to guarantee a profit however I prefer to just back and lay and hope the horse loses so that I generate more profit.

Profit –  £7

ladbrokes offered us double winnings up to £25 as a free bet if your horse won on the selected race. Should have locked in profit but went for full double winnings!

Profit- £0 

Betway are offering a £10 free bet on all losing bets on the first itv race of the day, standard back and lay matched bet on this to get the full free bet again.

Profit- £7

William Hill has there usual Hi5 at Aintree along with a few different flash odd boosts, I only took one of the boosts as most did not hold any value. The Hi5 horse racing was absolutely epic today though especially with there being a Odds boost token on every single race. I managed to get on every horse I wanted with arbs that I underlayed.

Flash Odds Profit- £6

Hi5 free bet profits- “we have a dream” £46 “Might bite” £24

Underlayed Odds boost tokens profit- £23

The first day of the Aintree festival turned out to be a matched betting paradise and very profitable. Today’s total profit just off the horse racing alone stands at £149!!!

Hopefully you have enjoyed this matched betting blog profit diary of the first day at Aintree. If you have and would like to subscribe to the matched betting blog please feel free. Also for anyone who would like a guide on how to successfully do the William Hills Hi5 offer look no further than our Hi5 guide.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you have got on with day one and best of luck to everyone who is matched betting day 2.

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