Matched betting blog profits, new free bets and a new matched betting tool!

A picture of the money made by the matched betting blog
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Matched betting blog profits

I have been so lazy lately or very busy and have not managed to update this matched betting blog profit diary for quite some time. However i have made some spectacular profits lately and everything seems to be going right now that the jumps racing is back. I have been hammering every boost that i can get on and mainly taking the guaranteed profits that come with it, a few pound here and a few pound there, but at the end of the day it all adds up! Since the last blog post on black Friday i have made roughly £50 from matched betting odds boosts, some of this came from an underlay that actually won for a change.

The main offer that i have been matched betting though for this past week is definitely William Hills hi5. I have been averaging around 2-3 races per day and have managed to get between 1-2 hi5 each day at around £40 profit each, if i can keep this up for the full jumps season without getting gubbed i will be very happy indeed. To make things even better though i backed a horse early on and then its odds plummeted, the odds i took were around 2.5 and by the time the race started the odds were sat at 3.25 which meant that for every £1 of stake i got 75p profit if the horse won! I ended up with over £200 profit from that race alone!  Apart from what i have mentioned i have not got on any other offers as once i get the taste for a certain offer i like to give it my full attention as i find the more that you practice, the better and more efficient you get at completing that offer.

New matched betting free bet offers

I just thought i would take a moment to mention some new sign up free bet offers that i have for you lot to try out. These offers are ready to use for your matched betting if you have not already signed up to them. The sign up offer free bets are the most profitable part of matched betting and the easiest so always take any you can. I will be honest i have managed to get an affiliation to these bookmakers which means that if you sign up through these links i will get a couple of quid which goes towards the domain and server costs of this matched betting blog. You still get exactly the same free bet as you would do anyway so you get exactly the same value, you just help me out with the costs of running this website. I hope some of you make some money off these great free bet sign up offers! If you need a guide to use up the free bets check out the beginner matched betting guide or if you are interested in seeing what other free bet offers there are have a look at this link


New matched betting tool!

Ok this one is kind of exciting for me! I know i have called it a new tool but it has been around for a few months, i just have not got round to using it yet. One of my biggest matched betting problems is keeping record of all my bets and profits as i mainly matched bet on my mobile phone. As you can imaging using spreadsheets on a mobile is next to impossible so i need a way to record all my bets and profits. Well it just so happens that being an Oddsmonkey premium member means that you have access to their amazing profit tracker. Through Betfair integration you can actually set it up so that it automatically tracks you bets and profits without the need for fancy spreadsheets. This to me is amazing and will finally mean i will be able to see exactly how much profit i will have made in the month through all of my matched betting. So get ready for next months profit diary’s, things are going to get really interesting! If you are not already a premium member of Oddsmonkey i really recommend that you take a trial with them as it will boost your profits 10 fold.


And finally…..

This matched betting blog is really starting to take off quicker than i imagined it would do and there seems to be new visitors from google search looking for various guides and free bet offers which is great. Also there are many people now subscribing to the matched betting blog by email, are you signed up? Maybe have a think about it because i send out emails to new guides and limited time free bet offers for you to matched bet straight to your email! Many thanks for the continued support of this blogs readers and happy matched betting all.




  1. The best tool on Oddsmonkey I find is the accamatcher. In particular the accafinder! It finds the best accas going and I make around £8.50 per acca I do on average!


    • Hi Sam, sorry about that! Oddssmasher had a face lift for 2018 and for some reason the new theme did not like the subscribe button, all fixed now and it should be in the sidebar 👍

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