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Matched betting black Friday profits.

Wow what a day black Friday turned out to be on the matched betting front, so many bookmakers offering some great boosts to turn an easy profit from. I received an email from William Hill the previous night to say that they were going to be releasing odds boosts every 30 minutes throughout the day so i was already prepared to make the most of it.

The first bet that i got on was actually with 10Bet who had an absolutely stonking offer ready to be matched bet. The offer was West Ham to win their football match this evening at odds of 5 when the lay odds were 2.92 to which you were allowed a £20 stake, I decided to slightly underlay the offer which meant if they lost i would be in profit be in profit £10 and if they won i would stand to make nearer £20 profit!

Along with this there were several horse racing offers for the afternoons races which i took on for there guaranteed profits, between these i managed nearly £20 profit, very easy money and a great add on to the monthly totals.

Next up was a nice accumulator bet on William Hill which is Man Utd/Spurs/Arsenal/Man City all to win at odds 5, the lay for this was 3.7 and to be honest i feel quite confident on this bet so i have underlayed it fully meaning that if the bet loses i will retain my stake, if the bet wins i will make £11.57 profit. To me it makes sense to take chances like this sometimes when you feel like the bet has a good chance of winning. I will update this thread tomorrow when the results of the football match are in.

Perhaps the best matched betting profit i made today though came by a hi5 race that i used my my boost token on. I opted for a horse called Espoir Du Teille at boosted odds of 1.98 and got the lay at 1.84 so i underlayed the bet for a risk free shot. The horse absolutely romped home 10 lengths clear which meant that i won on my underlayed bet and also the hi5 feature! from my £200 stake i made £19.15 from the underlay and then received a free bet of around £32 which i managed to retain £24, so a total risk free profit from that race of £43.

My last matched bet of the day was using up my William Hill points rewards which totalled at 4000 points. This was enough for a free bet of £20 of which i kept £16.

All in all matched betting black Friday offers proved to be a very profitable experience  and i still have a few of the bets running through into tomorrow. Let me know in the comments section how much profit you made matched betting the offers today!

Have a look in the matched betting blog to see what other profit diary, guides and tutorials there are to read and have a think about subscribing by email by email to this blog as i send out limited time free bet offers to subscribers for making risk free profits.

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