How much money can you make matched betting?

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In previous posts we have covered if matched betting is a scam and also we have worked our way through a step by step matched betting guide, now we want to know how much money we can make matched betting. Keep reading this webpage to find out!

So how much money can we make matched betting?

Well this is the golden question that is asked by nearly every single person that wants to start matched betting or has just started doing the sign up offers. It is also a very difficult question to answer as everyone will see different results dependant upon which offers they decide to take part in.

The first part of matched betting is completing the bookmaker sign up offers which there are many of and each one has varying difficulty which makes some not worth doing! As a general rule of thumb you should make in the region of £800-£1200 doing the main worthwhile sign up offers and then as your experience grows you can try your hand at some of the more profitable ones but with increased difficulty. Once the sign ups are done though it is time to take what you have learnt and apply it to the many different reload offers that are available everyday.

From here on out you will find yourself trying to make money from various football offers such as William Hills 4 means more and Paddy Powers 2 up promotions which together are probably the most profitable football offers and can easily earn you £200-£1000 per month depending on what stakes you matched bet with and how many of the games that you bet on.

Along with the football offers there are plenty of different offers on horse racing and this is where many matched bettors make there monthly profits. Bookmaker offers such as William Hills 2 clear and Hi5 offer free bets of up to £100 per race again dependant on stake size. Bet365 have offers on ITV racing and feature races that offer up to £50 free bets and then there are multiple bookmakers offering free bet refunds for finishing 2nd or 2nd to the start price favourite.

So going off the figures above it is easy to see that,

  • From the sign up offers we can earn £800-£1200
  • Various football offers £200-£1000 per month
  • Horse racing offers £200-£1000 per month

Although i have given these figure above there is a wide range to them. This is because it depends so much on how much of your time you want to invest in matched betting. Matched betting is Not a get rich quick scheme, it does take time to learn how to do it properly and then even more time to work out how best to prioritise your time to make maximum profits for the least work. Offers are constantly changing due to different sport seasons starting and finishing and we must keep adapting with them to keep extracting money.

Hopefully this post has answered a few questions you may of had about how much money you can make matched betting and i wish you the best of luck on your journey.


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