Is matched betting sustainable in the long term?

Is matched betting still going to be profitable in 2018
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Is matched betting sustainable or is it over quickly?

Many people who are new to matched betting worry that once the sign up offers are all finished then that is the end of their matched betting journey. This in turn stops some people from even starting as they do not see the point in the effort for a few hundred pounds.  This whole idea could not be further away from the truth though, matched betting is very sustainable and in actual fact is far more profitable once the sign up offers are done with.

Once you have got all the profitable sign up offers complete it is time to move on more advanced offers such as existing customer offers, reloads, odds boosts and eachway arbing. You can find guides to all of these sorts of offers right here on Oddssmasher matched betting blog in our guides and tutorials section!

One thing we need to remember is that bookmakers want to keep us as punters for life, to do this they entice us to keep “gambling” with a multitude of different existing customer offers. All of which we find ways round to matched bet and profit from. Matched betting truly is sustainable, so much so that some people even quit their day jobs just to focus on matched betting! The best thing about matched betting is that the profits limits are endless, you will literally earn as much money as effort that you put in.

The only thing that ever stops matched betting being sustainable is gubbing and restrictions placed on your bookmaker accounts by the bookies. You can limit this happening by taking care of you betting accounts, never try to take straight up arb bets where the lay odds are below the back odds and you should be fine for many years to come.

There are some epic sporting events coming up this year and it really is the best time to start matched betting. If you want to start taking advantage of bookmaker free bet offers I highly recommend that you start by following our 2018 complete matched betting guide which will help you place your first matched bet from start to finish.

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