Is matched betting a scam or is it really a good money maker?

Is matched betting real or is it a scam?
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When people hear the words matched betting the usual response is one of shock and horror, thoughts about gambling away money and lining the pockets of rich bookmakers. In general gambling is literally a mugs game and the bookmakers will always win in the end, if this was not the case they would not be thriving as businesses! So with that in mind it is very understandable that people would associate matched betting with losing your money in some kind of daft gambling scam, fortunately this is not the case at all.

So is matched betting a scam or does it really work? lets take a look at what matched betting is.

Matched bettors use maths and calculations to take advantage of free bets and bonuses willingly handed out by online bookmakers in the hope of snaring more gamblers. Our calculators allow us to work out a profit from all of the offers that the bookmakers give us, so in essence we are making tax free money, risk free!

So what is the magic trick, how do we do it? Well there is no magic and it is a really simple process once you get your mind around it. All we need are three separate elements –

  • An online bookmaker ( we will place our back bet here)
  • A betting exchange (where we will place our lay bet)
  • A matched betting calculator ( this calculates our stakes to make it risk free profit)

Using the online bookmaker we can place a back bet which is basically saying we believe this result will happen. After we have done that we can then place a lay bet on the betting exchange which is the same as saying the result will not happen. By doing it with the matched betting calculator it will now be risk free, no matter what the result of the game or race is! We will have qualified for a free bet and can then do the whole process again using the free bet to extract our profits.

I hope this has explained a little what matched betting is about and eased any fear you may have had abut this lucrative money maker. Please now check out the links in the Matched Betting section of this site for step by step examples of how to place and profit from your first matched bet.

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