How to pay no commission sports exchange trading!

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How to sports exchange trade commission free.

Ok, this is huge. No matter if your a Betfair trader or a matched bettor this will save you absolutely huge amounts of money in wasted commission. A couple of months ago I made a post about how you can pay zero commission at Smarkets betting exchange until May 31st 2018, well that deal just got even sweeter!

Smarkets and Oddsmonkey have now increased this deal until 15th January 2019. This represents incredible value to anyone who trades large stakes on the betting exchange or even those that use high stakes whilst matched betting. Over the course of the 8-9 months from today’s date this deal could save you thousands of pounds if commission which is all extra profit in your pocket compared to Betfair 5% commission and premium charges.

To be eligible for this deal there are a few steps you need to take first and everyone is more than welcome to take advantage of it. First off you need to create a smarkets account by clicking on this Smarkets link which will also entitle you to a risk free £10 bet. Once you have done this step you need to create an account at Oddsmonkey matched betting service by clicking here. Oddsmonkey has a monthly subscription cost of £17.99 which can be cancelled at any time. If you are a matched bettor you will really benefit from using the service anyway but if you are a sports exchange trader you more than likely will not have any use for it but by paying the £17.99 per month you will be eligible for the 0% commission deal which represents thousands of pounds of savings over the promotional period!

Once you have both the Oddsmonkey and Smarkets accounts you can simply log into Oddsmonkey and then link the account to your Smarkets account following the simple guide available on site. You will now be receiving the 0% commission deal on all of your sports trades or matched bets until January 15th 2019.

I really hope that this post will have helped some of you gain extra profit no matter if you trade on the betting exchanges or matched bet through paying less commission.



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  1. Oddssmasher, you’re right this 0% Smarkets offer is gonna be great for matched bettors and traders. As well as online MBing, this will make charging even better as even marginal arbs are worth sharbing now.

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