The evolution of matched betting, casino offers.

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Matched betting is evolving, learn how to take advantage of casino offers.

Matched betting has been around for many years now and year on year it gets slightly harder to make risk free profits. Matched betting is evolving as bookmakers snag on to what we are up too, now we have to evolve ourselves if we want to keep taking their money!

Now a days it is quite well known that terrific value can be extracted from online casino style offers which can potentially be even more profitable than matched betting itself, unfortunately it does come with a certain degree of risk and requires focus and serious self control. Mistakes here can be very costly with no chance of recourse and those who have an addictive personality really need to stop reading now. For anyone that is seriously interested in starting doing these casino offers I highly recommended joining a paid for matched betting subscription service such as Oddsmonkey who have specific guides and calculators that will work out for you if it is a good offers or one not worth trying. With all that being said let’s have a look at the sort of casino matched betting offers that are available.

Low risk casino offers.

Low risk casino offers are ones that I strongly believe most matched bettors should be taking part in. They can provide simple and easy profits to help make higher profits each month. A good portion of my own monthly profit is made up from offers such as these. Some examples of low risk casino offers are-

  • Score and spin- offered by a few different bookmakers this simple offer involves matched betting a football team to receive free spins on a casino slot for every goal scored. We have a great score and spin matched betting guide here on Oddssmasher.
  • General free spin offers- from time to time you will receive emails or text messages from bookmakers offering you 5-10 free spins on a specific slot machine and you keep the winnings. Obviously the idea for them is that you use the free spins and then continue spinning with your own money, this is where that self control comes in.
  • Stake X get Y offers- usually the bigger bookmakers will pick a slot machine and you have to stake £10 on it to get a reward in the form of free spins/cash/bonus funds. You could lose the full £10 so always make sure the offer is ev+ before doing it.

Medium risk offers.

These sorts of offers are slightly more risky than the low risk offers. These offers are usually casino sign up offers which more often than not have wagering requirements attached to them. For example the casino may offer you a deposit £50 for 100% bonus with a 20x wagering requirement. This means that you would need to wager either the bonus of £50 times 20 (£1000) before you can withdraw your money or bust out. Always double check the terms and conditions thoroughly as there can often be sneaky restrictions placed in there. Another important thing to note is that not all of them are worthwhile and it’s difficult to know without using Oddsmonkeys expected value calculator. Remember that you can lose your full buy in deposit amount on these offers!

High risk casino offers.

High risk casino offers are exactly what they say on the tin HIGH RISK. I personally would not touch them with a barge pole although I can see why others do, with high risk comes high reward and all that jazz!

An example of a high risk offer would be one like a current Paddy Power casino offer which involves spinning a total stake of £1500 over a few different slot machines and your reward will be 5 minutes of free spins valued at £1 each. You could in reality lose your full £1500 stake although very unlikely and get nothing from the free spins, again very unlikely. Or you could hit a huge win that sees you through wagering and into a decent profit.

I think these sort of offers should be left to those with a huge matched betting bank and a high tolerance to risk!

In conclusion.

There is no doubt that online casino offers and matched betting go hand in hand, if there is value in the offer shown on a EV calculator then over time you should find yourself in profit. Your own tolerance to risk and the size of your bank needs to be taken into consideration first before attempting any casino offer as losses can be very heavy. I strongly recommend joining Oddsmonkey editor venturing into the world of online casino offers without it would be like going into it blind and a very risk strategy in my own opinion.

If this blog post has helped you in anyway have a think about subscribing to Oddssmasher to receive notifications of new matched betting guides as always free of charge.


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