How to earn an extra £100-500 per month without any work

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Would you like to earn extra online income with zero work?

Ok I know this looks like the start or one of them scammy, scam emails that fill our spam boxes everyday but this is a legitimate money maker that I have been using myself for pretty much a year now. I feel it is now time to share it with you so that you can reap the rewards yourselves!

Earning money online with zero work from yourselves does sound like the stuff of dreams but if you have an Adsense account I want to let you in on something that will earn you between £100-500 per month on average although this WILL increase over time.

If you have an adesense account set up for placing adverts on your website to earn a bit of revenue then you will know how hard it is to make any money that is worthwhile unless you have thousands and thousands of readers.  Well for the past year I have been “renting” my Adsense account to a company that then places adverts of their websites and gives you a cut of the profits. This may sound strange and I was sceptical at first but as I say I have now been doing this for over a year and had no problems at all. Do not worry you can still use your Adsense account as normal for your own websites and it will cause no problems at all.

Here is a little screenshot of my Adsense account showing the revenue received for the first week of September, please remember though that like I said revenue increases over time and after a year these are the sort of figures you will be looking at


If you would like any more information or to sign up yourself please use this link which will take you to the website, you will be able to take a quick question test about your Adsense account to make sure that it is compatible and then there is a contact form which you can fill out if you would like to sign up. I would like to add that the link provided is a referral link that  will mean that I earn more revenue from my account with them, you will also gain boosted revenue for signing up through the link I have provided and gain your own referral link to so that you can make even more money


happy money making !




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