How to avoid getting gubbed when matched betting guide.

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What does getting gubbed mean when matched betting?

Getting gubbed means that a bookmaker has reviewed your account and has decided that you pose to much of a risk to their business and will no longer hand out free bets to you, this also usually comes with ridiculous stake restrictions as well which is a real peril whilst matched betting.

Matched betting is undoubtedly one of the best ways to supplement your income, whatever you want the cash for it is easily obtainable by taking advantage of the bookmakers free bet offers. Unfortunately bookmakers are not to keen on us matched bettors as we are forever taking value from them. What this means is we only ever place bets that have offers attached to them because if there is no offer there is no risk profit to be taken from the bet. We also aim to make sure that our matched bets are placed were the back odds are as close to the lay odds as possible and this is called taking an arb ( arbitage bet).

When your first gubbing comes along there is a mixed sense of emotions, at first you feel a little gutted but after that you feel like you have been awarded a medal! Getting gubbed is like a right of passage in the matched betting world and kind of confirms that you must be doing something right. However the more online bookmakers you lose the less avenues are open to you to profit from so we need to limit it as much as possible. There are steps that we can take to minimise the chances of getting gubbed whilst matched betting which i will explain below.

How not to get gubbed whilst matched betting

  • Do not take Arb’s

This is the main reason accounts lose bonuses and get stake restricted by bookmakers whilst matched betting. We always try to get the odds at the bookmaker and the exchange as close as possible to either make our qualifying loss as low as possible or to extract as much profit from a free bet as possible. Now this is not such a bad thing but that changes when we take a true Arb. A true Arb is when the lay odds at the betting exchange are actually lower than the back odds at the bookmaker. In actual fact i lost my first two accounts due to being inexperienced and just backing and laying a huge arb for an instant profit, both my accounts got closed down the next day! Just do not do it, its not worth the risk.

  • Mug bet

This one is open to debate, some say it works, others say it doesn’t. By mug betting we place a matched bet on a sporting event that does not have any bonus attached to it so we are not taking value from the bookmaker and we will look more like a normal punter. We still back and lay the bet so we only lose a matter of penny’s but it may just make your betting account last longer and receiving free bets.

  •  Be careful when you bet and lay

Remember that some bookmakers are sister companies along with some of the exchanges. For example Betfair exchange is related to Betfair sportsbook (obviously) but did you also know that Paddy Power is also in the Betfair family. In this case placing a back bet at Paddy Power and laying it at Betfair Exchange could get you in hot water and in this case you would be better doing your matched bet using another exchange such as Smarkets.

  • Keep away from the obscure

Not everyone one who match bets knows about sport but most people will know of the bigger football teams and the bigger leagues. Bookmakers love mug punters who stick money on well known teams so doing your matched bets on some random Scandinavian second league team is a bit of a red flag. To prolong your account and to keep the gubbings  at bay it is best to keep well away from the obscure teams, no matter how tempting the odds are.

In conclusion.

I hope that this mini matched betting gubbing guide has given you a few tips and helps to prolong your bookmaker accounts for as long as possible. When we matched bet we are always open to getting gubbed and losing our rights to free bets but the longer we can keep our accounts healthy the longer we can keep making money matched betting.

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