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Here at Oddssmasher we try to provide the best guides possible to help you make incredible matched betting profit each and every month. A lot of hours go into writing up these guides and finding new ways to help you make risk free money, there are also quite a few costs involved in running the Oddsmasher website and matched betting blog. Because of this you will find that some of the links on this website and matched betting blog are affiliate links. These affiliate links mean that Oddssmasher will receive a small commission from the bookmakers for introducing you to their business ( little do they know that by matched betting we are taking a guaranteed profit from them). You will still get the same exact free bet from the bookmaker and it costs nothing to you at all, however you will be helping Oddssmasher continue to run free of charge and producing wicked matched betting guides. Thank you for your continued support of Odssmasher matched betting website and blog.


Oddsmasher matched betting website and blog tries to provide you with up to date and accurate matched betting guides, techniques and free bets to help you make profits from matched betting. However Oddssmasher accepts no responsibility for any bets that you place after following any of the guides or blog posts featured on this website. Oddsmasher does not promote or support gambling and accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses/damages that you incur. Oddssmasher recommends that you do not matched bet any money that you cannot afford to lose.