Betfair eachway edge loophole guide, learn the edge with this step by step matched betting guide.

the betfair logo for the each way edge
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The Betfair each way edge loophole is one neat little trick I learnt a few months back that is an incredible risk free money maker, in actual fact it is possible to earn thousands of pounds a week doing this and it is all legal. By playing with the features that Betfair gives their customers to gamble with we can actually create our own each way, extra place, arb race known as the Betfair each way edge loophole! In essence it is possible with the right race to be able to freeroll hundreds of pounds worth of stake on certain horse races for the chance to make huge sums of money and im going to provide you with this easy to follow step by step guide so you can fill your wallets too.

This is an advanced matched betting technique which can involve high stakes and any wrong move could be costly so i would not recommend trying this until you have read our step by step matched betting guide first.


Although this strategy is perfectly legal and you are only using the tools that Betfair provide you with they still obviously really do not like you winning from them. You will find that your Betfair sportsbook account will slowly get more and more restricted until you cannot put money on any bet. Because of this i would only advise you to do this on a gubbed account that does not hold any value to you anymore, I found that i was completely restricted within 4 weeks but i made a hell of a lot of cash from it in that time!

The Betfair each way edge loophole guide

Ok first things first, to do the Betfair each way edge we are going to need three things,

The Betfair each way edge loophole only works on handicap races that are paying 4 places at 1/4 odds on the each way, anything else will not work so make sure to check for this every time, it will look like the screen shot below.

A picture of the place terms for the each way edge on betfair
Make sure the place terms are like this.
 You will usually find that there are 1-2 races per day across the race meets that fill the criteria although i would keep away from the Irish races as they lack the liquidity that is needed on the betting exchange.
So lets get started, first off we need our betfair sportsbook tab open and we will be looking at an eligible race. What we now need to do is select a horse, for this example i will use Highland Colori.
this is what the each way edge loophole betslip looks like
 As you can see from the screen shot Highland Colori has win odds of decimal 9. Just below you can see the each way edge feature with a plus or minus button, we need to click the minus button to take it to paying 2 places! when you have done this you will now have a betslip that looks like this.
This is how your bet slip will look once the each way edge has been added
Now that we have added the each way edge you can see that the new odds are 15 for two places. We now need to work out what our effective odds for this matched bet are and to do that we use some maths. To find out the effective odds we enter our stake which in this example i have set as £10 each way, so £20 in total. Below the stake box you will see that the potential winnings for this bet are £195, so we now divide that by the total stake, £195 \ £20 = 9.75 this is our effective odds.
Now we need to find the same horse on Smarkets betting exchange and see what the odds are to lay this bet,
As you can see to lay this horse the odds are 9.6 which means we can do this bet risk free as we have created a small arb bet by using the each way edge feature. It is time to now use the Oddsmonkey calculator to work out the right lay stake.
 As you can see to place the back bet and lay bet we will lose 6p as a qualifying loss, although it is usually easy to find better arbs to make a small profit on our qualifying. Now we are going to place our bet at Betfair and we are also going to lay off the win at the exchange with the lay stake shown on the calculator.
Now lets take a look at the potential out comes of the race!
  • Our horse wins the race – Our lay bet cancells our back bet and we have lost 6p
  • Our horse finishes 3rd- ect- Again we will have lost 6p
  • Our horse finishes in second place –  we will win at Betfair, this will be on a each way payout so we take our odds shown on Betfair which were decimal 15 – 1 \ 4 + 1 = 4.5 So the place pay out will be at odds 4.5. Half our total stake was £10 so we will get 4.5x £10= £45 from betfair, we will also win on our lay bet as well because because we layed off the win and the horse didnt win! This is another £20, so the total earnt from finishing in 2nd place is £65-£20 stake, thats £45 profit for the risk of 6p!

Now i know this does not seem huge but on larger stakes it makes huge profits, in fact you can easily make hundreds per day depending on how big your bank is. When doing the each way edge loophole i would advise that you back 3-4 horses per race and hot it as hard as you can. Betfair will catch onto you eventually and stake restrict you so you might as well make as much as you can in the time you have!

If you found this guide to be of help please have a think about subscribing to this matched betting blog by email. I will be sending out notifications to new guides just like this and also the best time restricted free bet offers!

I hope this Betfair each way edge loophole guide has helped and if so please give it a share!



  1. Thanks very much for this guide.

    I have quite a few questions as I want to make sure I can hit this hard. Hopefully you will be so kind as to help me.

    You say about using a gubbed betfair account to avoid wasting it. My account isn’t gubbed but I don’t really use it anyway. Is there a risk to my betfair exchange account or will they just gub my Sportsbook account? I have had the account a while and have only really placed small stakes accas etc on it so will it now look odd if I start hitting it very hard? Although I do use fairly large stakes on the exchange now.

    Is there an easy way to find all races on betfair that pay 4 places?

    To make the hundreds a day / thousands a week that you say is possible, what are the approx stakes to achieve this and the bankroll needed?

    Thanks for your patience with all my noob questions, but I appreciate my account won’t last long so I want to get it right first time and hit this hard.

    • Hi Bookie Basher
      The advice about using the each way edge on only gubbed accounts is just because i dont want people to follow the guide and get gubbed and then hold me responsible. IF i am completely honest i myself did it on a perfectly health account but the way i saw it was that i could earn more in those few weeks than i would in a lifetime of trying to hit their 3\1 horses offer.
      When the loophole first came about i did a lot of research and read lots of blogs and forums to piece it all together and through my research i have not heard of anyone losing their betfair exchange account so i would not worry about that, however i would still recommend using smarkets as the exchange while doing the each way edge just to make your sportbook account last that little bit longer.
      I have not found an easy way to scout for 1\4 odd 4 place races apart from scanning all the Uk races on the betfair website but if you do find a way let me know and i will update the guide.
      As for stakes, when i was doing it i was doing stakes of £50-£80 each way depending on the horse odds. Also worth noting is that you will only need the liability in your exchange for the one horse as you are laying the win even if you back several horses, you only need the liability for the one.

      Hope this helps and if you need anything else just give me a shout

      • Thanks! That’s really helpful.

        Please can you explain the liability thing a bit more. I understand they can’t all win and so you don’t need to have liability for each, but does smarkets auto calculate that and put the liability for the horse with the longest odds? So if you lay a horse at 5 and then the 2nd horse is 7 it adds on the additional amount?

        • Hi again,
          It doesn’t go on the odds length as such it just goes on the horse with the highest liability, so for instance a horse with a stake of £10 at odds 10 will be less liability than a horse with a stake of £30 at odds 5. Smarkets will automatically work it out for you although if you make a bigger bet than your current highest liability it will switch over to that one as the highest liability.
          Let’s say you put £50 on a horse with lay odds decimal 10, your liability for that lay will be £450, you could then back and lay every single other horse in the race and as long as non of the other horses liabilitys are over £450 then that will be your maximum liability, if that makes sense. It just means you can back a lot of horses without having to need a massive bank in your exchange

          • No worries and best of luck, come back and let me know how you get on. I wish I still had my account as it was so profitable to do the each way edge 😀

  2. Wow, this is a great find. One problem with your maths though is you forgot to take away the win back stake on Betfair in your example so the profit would be £35 ie the place profit. Definitely going to try this out!! Thanks man.

  3. Brilliant guide Thankyou. Had a trial run but couldn’t get a decent QL was around the fiver mark. Is there minimum odds you need the horse to be to begin with? When’s pre race is the optimal time to get a good QL in your experience?

    • I found the best value to be on the horses with odds between 9-16 and it was usually best to get matches in the last 30 mins or so before the race, although matches do come up throughout the day if you get the chance to keep checking. What’s sort of stakes where you using and on what odds to get a ql of around a fiver?
      I should also say that it was better on the more high profile Saturday races when there is a better market on the exchange

  4. Hi, Interesting to read and trying to understand it! My question is…normally on EW bets you place a bet on the win market and then the place market when you normally use the EW calculator to get the right calculations…I’m guessing in this instance using the Edge we only need to place the bet on the Win market at Smarkets and not be concerned about the place, am I right? Just wanted to make sure..sorry for being a bit of a noob but only just started to look at extra places but this concept sounds amazing and yes I do have a healthy Betfair SB but tbh I hardly use it and I wouldn’t mind making a bit of moolah out of it 😀

  5. I did try look in to this for a race at Wincanton on sat 11-11-17. I think it was the 15.35 race. However I couldn’t apply your advice as the lay odds were never good enough as I was getting at the very least a QL of around -£3 something, even waiting until about 15 minutes till the race started. Your example gives a great lay figure so it works. Is it unusual then to get the kind of figures in your example?

    • It has been quite a while since I was doing the each way edge due to getting banned but I do remember usually getting an exact match and sometimes an arb due to the effective odds. It’s kind of like doing each way extra place races, sometimes things go well and sometimes they just don’t match up

    • Nah 4 place and 1/4 odds is standard for any 16+ horse handicap race, there would of been one this afternoon but they made it an extra place race instead so used 1/5 odds 👍

  6. Hi, doesn’t seem like Betfair has many 1/4 odds races with places. Today is Saturday, lots of races, including Ascot but there are none. The 4 place races are all 1/5 odds. Can this method be done with 1/5 odds?

    • I suppose in reality as long as it’s a 4 place race it should not matter about the 1/5 odds, it will be slightly less profitable but the theory behind it should still be sound. If you give it a go let me know how you get on and I will update the guide

  7. For the benefit of people like myself with limited knowledge of horses, could you perhaps expand in the blog as to why it would only work with races showing 4 places and 1/4 odds?

  8. Hi there

    I did this a few times and it worked well but there are never any 4 places paying 1/4 odds now.

    Do you have any ways of making this work in other scenarios?


  9. I’ve recently been gubbed by Betfair Sportsbook so would really like to give this a go.
    Do you think it would be better to wait for a big festival like the Cheltenham Gold Cup? Would there be a better chance of finding 4 place races at the big events?

    • Yes you are definetly better off waiting for a big meeting to do the each way edge, there should be some races that got the 1/4 criteria then

  10. Hi all, Is anyone having any current success with this ? I’ve only just read through the method this evening, but the only replies, seem to be from people struggling to find any bankable horses on Sportsbook. Im keen to smash the hell out of it if its still working, but no point in me sticking ££££ into my skarkets account if its been nipped in the bud by Sportsbook… Cheers in advance

  11. hello i am wandering if i have to calculate anything differently if it is at 1/5 odds, and alsoim noticing that i have yet to see a race that is offering 4 places let alone the 1/4 odds this still works or ?

  12. Yes it calculates exactly the same with 1/5 odds. You work out the effective odds and match them to smarkets.

    Betfair usually do 2 special places races a day and pay 4 places. They usually get announced on the morning of the race.

  13. On Betfair today, they are only paying 3 places on the promo races, but have put the edge option up. Does that mean you could still use this system on those races?

  14. Why have the odds increased from 9 to 15 when applying each way edge? Surely the odds should decrease as there is more chance of finishing in yhe first 2 than of winning?I must be missing something lo

  15. I think betfair may have tightened up their each way edge… the new calculated odds always seem to be lower than the original

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