The best online bookmaker account for matched betting!

Is matched betting still going to be profitable in 2018
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The best online bookmaker for matched betting.

It would be fair to say that all online bookmakers hold some value for people matched betting, even the crappy ones who hand out no free bets are worth it if just for arbing to death! Some bookmakers however are an absolute goldmine and pretty much represent a license to print money! Bet365, Ladbrokes and Coral have some pretty decent offers that will provide you with decent opportunities to turn a matched betting profit and are valuable accounts that you want to take care of.

In my honest opinion though William Hill is the absolute daddy of online bookmakers and holds the most profitable offers for matched betting, hence why nearly all the guides on Oddssmasher focus on William Hill. I would say that the vast majority of my profits each and every month for the past year have come from them and i really would be lost if i got gubbed from that bookmaker!

I thought i would write a little guide pointing out the offers that William Hill have for people who are new to matched betting so that you can get an idea of what to look out for. When used right a William Hill account can make you £500-£1000+ per month so carry on reading this matched betting guide to see how!

William Hill flash odds.

Flash odds get released each and every single day of the week, many bookmakers do odds boosts but these are the best in the business. Make sure you log into your account every day at around 12pm to get your share of the flash odd. You will usually find the stake limits are £10-£20 on these but try getting more on, i am usually allowed double the limit! By matched betting we can usually guarantee ourselves a profit of around £5+ on the flash odds or underlay for a risk free shot at £20. Keep an eye out on your email inbox and also the message box in your William Hill account as there are usually extra flash boosts especially when there are some good football matches on. here is a link to the flash odds guide i wrote that goes into detail about how best to matched bet them.

William Hill Hi5 offer.

This offer is a real peach  that can earn you serious money if you get it right! The Hi5 offer is an offer that focuses on horse racing with an aim to pick the winning horse and for the horse to win by at least 5 lengths. This may sound trick but believe me it does happen quite a lot and when it does you can find yourself winning a free bet of up to £100 for your troubles. The offer can sometimes be tricky due to the nature of horse racing odds on the betting exchange as the odds can move very quickly which can take some getting used to. Once mastered though Hi5 can provide huge profits and with the extra potential of BOG (best odds guaranteed) it really is an offer that you should be taking part in. Again i have written a very detailed step by step Hi5 guide to help you work your way through the offer as easy as possible.

4 means more offer

The 4mm offer is like the football equivalent of the Hi4 horse racing offer. It is a really simple matched betting offer where you back and lay a football team in any telivised premier league match. If the team you have back wins and there are 4 or more goals scored in the matched you will receive a free bet woth 15% of your winning up to the value of £50. I have made quite a lot of money from this offer throughout the last year and would highly recommend giving it a try especially when some of the bigger teams are playing the lower teams in the Premier league!

Various low risk casino offers.

Not all matched betting has to be done by backing and laying sports, matched betting is evolving and now it can be very profitable to take part in calculated casino offers. William Hill often do free spin offers which can be really profitable and they also do very low risk ones as well where you stake X to get Y and then wager it on low risk games like blackjack. I would recommend that you get yourselves an Oddsmonkey membership before venturing into any casino work so you understand the maths behind it and also any associated risks.

Hopefully this mini guide has opened up some new profit avenues for your matched betting and you to can now take advantage of the best online bookmaker for matched betting. If you do not already have a William Hill account you can click on this link here and enter code c30 to receive £30 in free bets just for depositing £10! Best of luck on your matched betting journey!




  1. William Hill are one of my regular bookies for matched betting. Like you say, High 5 on the horses, 4MM on the football and regular games,vegas and casino reloads. Here’s hoping for something big for the football world cup!

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